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KC ChohAN - CONSULTANT/Speaker/Educator/author

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Why Invite KC Chohan to Speak? 

KC Chohan is an experienced public speaker and expert in helping business owners scale and grow their business by having a better understanding of the financial performance.

* Writer for Forbes magazine
* Public Speaker
* Experienced CFO
* Helped hundreds of business owners scale
What can KC talk to your audience about?

* How to scale your business
* Understanding you financial statements
* The difference between profit and cash flow
* How to increase your profits
* How to improve cash flow
* What are KPIs and how they can help you improve 
* Best business practices - People - Processes

About the Speaker


Has been featured in Yahoo Finance as:

One of The Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Watch Out for in 2020

A highly experienced CFO with a skill set in scaling small businesses into hyper-growth companies.  Born and raised in the United Kingdom and moved to Los Angeles in 2012. He learned at on the top fortune 500 companies where he helped scale from $2 billion dollars to $4 billion dollars during his 8 years at Flowserve. He now uses that  experience to help CEO's to transform their companies into scalable hyper-growth machines. Using the MPR System KC has help 100's of companies double profits within 1-year and he is also a writer for Forbes Magazine.

Many of our clients struggle to develop a 
structure for sustainable financial success.

Small Business leaders want more growth, revenue, and market share but aren’t sure how to go about it. Without accurate or timely reports, they feel unsure and hesitant about making decisions. Here’s to every leader who questions the wisdom of improvisation. Let us create a financial strategy that matches your unique organizational goals.


Sean Khan

After being stuck for a year, unable to break past $5m per year in revenue, I decided to consult with KC at Together CFO. I explained my situation and how we were able to really scale beyond our current level.

We looked at my entire business and began to really boil down my numbers and performance. We adjusted my budgets and KPI's updating my cash flow and really taking charge of the numbers. Then we began to come up with a whole new project billing and cost strategy.  Once we had every locked in, I simply couldn't believe it.

Mike Anwar
Founder/CEO Consulting 
Whiz - Lending Whiz

We started with building apps and website. We had some initial traction with beta customers.  We needed to create a profitable pricing strategy to justify the model. We had no proven sales strategy and our financials were a mess. We started working with KC after hearing about what he has done for other clients. He built our our budget and KPI's. We now review our monthly financials using the Monthly Performance Report (MPR). This has helped us understand our numbers and the results have been great.

CEO & Board Member - Saviynt

We had just raised $40,000,000 in Series A financing. we have a good product, a great market, and some customers. We needed to get the product in the hands of more clients and achieve scale.

However, our burn rate was high. We had enterprise deals in the pipeline, but they were taking longer than expected to close. We needed to control cash flow, but we were unable to get success. 

Within 1 year of working with KC, we had  much better controls in place around our finances, budgets and had a clear picture of cash flow.  The results were incredible.

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